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100,000 Electric Renault Cars

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Renault expects to sell more than 100,000 electric cars by the end of 2013, according to Carlos Ghosn, the president of the group who confirmed the figure in an interview with France Inter. France’s Le Figaro reports.

“We will soon cross the milestone of 100,000 electric cars, at the end of this year I hope. We continue to lower prices and the government develops infrastructure. These are good signs,” Ghosn said.

Asked about the Zoe electric model, Carlos Ghosn stated simply that “the order book looks good.” While Better Place (Renault’s partner in Israel and Denmark) just went bankrupt, Renault does not seem worried. “We regret this bankruptcy but will continue to support electric vehicles,” Ghosn said.

Carlos Ghosn was expected in Flins on Tuesday for a visit with the Minister of Productive Recovery (ministre du Redressement productif), Arnaud Montebourg. On this site, the automaker aims to produce 82,000 cars per year. “There will be new hires, but it’s too early to say how many. Today, 25% of our production is carried out in France. We will increase this percentage. More jobs will be created,” Ghosn promised.

In a related story, France’s Le Particulier recently published a story stating that clean cars are finally profitable and that the combined effect of rising fuel prices and auto bonuses reserved for clean vehicles should drive consumer interest in electric or hybrid models.



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