5Barz International closes new deal, Indian presence now stronger than ever

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5BARz International (OTCQB: BARZ), producer of the world’s first radio frequency network extender device, has now partnered with a second Tier One (T1) telco in India. According to its press statement, the network carrier, which remain hitherto unnamed, will be the next company to distribute 5BARz’s plug-and-play device after Vodafone.

The San Diego-based tech company announced through its Indian arm 5BARz India that the new telco partner’s initial order comes with an “extensive program of field testing and laboratory test.” After passing regulatory requirements, the Indian telco has finally gained approval to become a distributor of 5BARz’s revolutionary product.

“As a result of this new order, our product deployment potential has now been substantially increased, giving us access to 42 percent of the entire subscriber base in India, a market which the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India [TRAI] reports to be more than a billion mobile phone subscribers,” said 5BARz India CEO Samartha Nagabhushanam.

The company has been open about its initial goal, which is to partner with all major telcos in India to help them solve their infrastructure-related problems. India, despite its improving economic milieu and its prime minister’s personal involvement in making India a major tech hub through its “Digital India” campaign, remains one of the countries with slow internet speeds in the world. It is also struggling with a massive call-drop problem, which has escalated to an ongoing feud between local telcos and the TRAI.

“Our goal is, by the end of the year we will be working with all of the tier one telco’s in India. Our products will provide to this user base vastly improved cellular connectivity, comprised of clear cellular signal, a substantive increase in data upload and download speeds, and the elimination of dropped call,” Nagabhushanam added.

Surface Mount Technology

Nagabhushanam also stated that the company adheres to the country’s strict Surface Mount Technology (SMT) rulings. Aside from respect forthe Indian government, the company also wants to reduce possible field failure. This allows 5BARz to provide a safety environment to the workers in the manufacturing operations, as well as to the community near its assembly site.

“5BARz is an advocate of Green Manufacturing, the same way we want to produce a product that could help minimize energy use. We use RoHS compliant components and lead-free soldering techniques in assembling our network device,” said CEO Daniel Bland.

In a separate press statement, the company revealed that various Elaborate Design Verification (EDV) tests are utilized and incorporated in its assembly segment. “The network extender undergoes an Accelerated Life Test for full functionality and performance in emulated Indian home and office scenarios, where 5BARz India intends to deploy maximum number of network extenders,” it said in the statement.

5BARZ International’s goal, however, goes beyond India, as it wants to become a global leader in helping all telecom firms across the world in their respective system-related predicaments. Its network extender device, marketed simply as 5BARz, is the first on the global market that doesn’t use cables and intricate antenna systems.

“We call it plug-and-play because that is how it works—you plug it and use it right away,” said Naresh Soni, 5Barz chief technology officer. “Even non-tech savvy users could use it.”

The radio frequency device is unlike network repeaters and boosters utilizing Femtocell technology. It is capable of extending a mobile device signal to its utmost strength—thus 5BARz—even outside an enclosed space, in a crowded, open area, or on a moving vehicle. “Our technology has gained praises from revered radio frequency experts and electrical engineers in the States,” added Soni. “We also hold the patent for this technology.”

The company plans to expand to Southeast Asia after its Indian market commencement success. It is now in talks with leading networks in the region. After Asia, the company will bring its plug-and-play device to South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe, with North America completing its global expansion plan.



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