5BARz International is here to solve a fundamental tech communication industry problem

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There are reasons why 5BARz International (OTCQB: BARZ), a network extender provider, can’t be identified as just another player in the mobile network repeater niche.

First, its unique plug-and-play technology has already revolutionized connectivity, creating an entirely new industry for network extenders. Moreover, what makes it highly different from the existing repeater market is that it doesn’t only boost one’s mobile network but also extends it to its utmost strength. “We have pioneered a new niche outside the repeater market. We don’t just improve network signals. We extend it; hence 5BARz,” Bland says.

Technology-wise, 5BARz is the only device that can extend a mobile phone signal everywhere. It promises to deliver quality service even if the user is in an enclosed room, a moving vehicle, a crowded event, or open space.

The secret is in the technology itself. It is radio frequency-based and not antennae-based. “It’s wireless, but it isn’t like other wireless network solutions like femtocell that only works inside an enclosed space,” explains chief technology officer Naresh Soni. “That’s why you don’t need cabling and antennas and intricate installation processes just to experience what our company can do. To quote my friend Daniel on this, ‘you just plug it and play it,’ as simple as that.”

Bland says that among his first challenges was to prove radio frequency technology’s efficacy as a device for extending mobile network signal. Before 5BARz’ inception, many engineers, investors, and even radio frequency experts told him that it was highly impossible to bring a send-and-receive antennae in the same factor. “It took us a lot of research and studies, but we’ve proven them wrong,” Bland says. “We now own the patent for this technology. From that time, we’ve started receiving praises from revered engineers and RF experts in the United States.”

Such uniqueness and promise convinced former Apple executive and AT&T director Gil Amelio to join Daniel Bland in his expanding enterprise. “How strongly do I believe in 5BARz, Inc.? So strongly that I recently retired from my position as a director for AT&T after 18 years so that I can give a full measure of my time as chairman of 5BARz. I believe that 5BARz is a company with the potential to become one of the next legendary companies in communications technology,” he said in a press statement last October.

For Bland and the rest of the company’s board, having Amelio onboard is a windfall. Apart from holding key positions in various giant tech and telco firms, he has been CEO and chairman of National Semiconductor and President of Rockwell Communication Systems. He has also 17 patents and a PhD in physics to his name, which makes him an authority in a global tech enterprise.

However, Amelio said that he is impressed with Bland’s vision for the company. “This small company has an ambitious global goal. Making it different with other startups is his realistic but out-of-the-box marketing strategy. 5BARz’ product sits at the center of a huge megatrend. Its uniqueness is built to solve telecommunication’s most fundamental problem, which is poor signal delivery.”

Last year, the company chose to commence its operations in network problem-beleaguered India instead of presenting its product to US network carriers. The company has long believed that it had to take the most difficult of all challenges to prove that it could compete and eventually dominate a nascent global niche.

“Being unique is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Some companies don’t want new and never-been-tested products. But with proper research and a tangible product that lives up to expectations, as well as a market proposition that goes beyond making revenue, nothing could go wrong,” Bland added.

Indeed, the company wants to be an essential force in helping all network carriers across the globe. It aims to play as an indispensable partner in providing quality customer service to all mobile consumers. “In essence, we want to be there for telco customers as they improve their infrastructure and towers on the backend,” Bland says.

5BARz first customers are two Tier One companies in India. Among them is Vodafone, the country’s second largest network carrier. Right after its Indian success, the company began talks with giant telcos in Southeast Asia, among the regions with slowest mobile data and broadband speeds.

Bland is convinced that his product can be a major force in the network extender niche across the world. But he also says that what has transpired in India would surely be different from the cases in other countries as global areas suffer from different problem. He is also sure that the company is prepared for the challenges it will face in the future as it expands and builds itself into a distinct global brand.

5BARz currently trades at 0.0768 cents per share. Its current market cap is $19.13 million.



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