5BARz’ network extender will be the new normal of the digital lifestyle

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Connectivity—uninterrupted, smooth, and immediately accessible—is the power that makes staying in the digital landscape enjoyable and long-lasting. There is nothing as frustrating as having your phone die down just when you’re in the middle of winning a game, clinching a date, or discovering the plot twist in a nail-biting movie. The stakes become higher when your cell signal starts crackling just as you’re about to negotiate a job offer or have a client sign a contract. Unreliable carriers, a faltering phone signals, a hard-to-access Wi-Fi, or a remote area where it’s hard to pick up any transmission are usually blamed by the frustrated user.

Creating power pack phone chargers and beefing up Wi-Fi routers to eliminate dead zones were among the first innovations to keep connectivity strong and flowing. Users are beginning to ask for mobile battery chargers for their laptops. However, the cell device enhancer that will become the new normal in the digital landscape is the network extender, a disruptive technology invented by 5BARz International (OTCQB: BARZ). The company is a rising industry player with a lifelong mission of strengthening, improving, and reinventing connectivity as it fuses the world into one interactive community.

A personal product

The network extender is an out-of-the-box solution that removes the user’s dependence on the proximity of the cell structures or the quality of the Wi-Fi router. It drastically lengthens the battery life span of all functioning cellular devices by ending the  energy-consuming search and struggle for signals. It improves signals and enhances the reception of voice calls, message traffic, data transmission, and video streaming. Mobile users who use the network extender just plug it in and switch it on, and they immediately see their dying cellular signal levels rise up to its maximum five bars.

The ease with which the network extender is used sometimes obscures the ingenuity of the design. In short, it’s so easy to use that you tend to overlook the smart thinking that went into its creation. The network extender stops a smartphone user struggling with weak Wi-Fi in an inn thousands of miles away from the city from wandering around the area, waiting to see which spot the cell signal would be strongest. It lets them continue their teleconference with their overseas clients while they line up their favorite Netflix movies, even when their own telecom provider suddenly goes offline.

The network extender, by ensuring seamless connectivity, makes sure that business – and pleasure – continue as usual.

The mobile lifestyle is becoming the new normal for millions of users who shop online, flick Tinder pics to look for dates, and reserve cab rides, movie tickets, and restaurant tables through their apps. Interruption of connectivity is no longer an inconvenience but has devolved into a minor calamity that can influence the outcome of a contract, a job, or a relationship.

Just take a look at a few examples. Digital Trends reports that college students have made it a habit to do an online search for the nearest inexpensive place to have their lunch as soon as the bell rings. Las Cruces Sun News has observed that 27 percent of millennials get their needed info, like breaking news, socio-economic analysis, movie reviews, and even finance tips, from podcasts, which they listen to while on the road. Biz Tech magazine says that sports teams are redesigning their apps so that their thousands of fans who watch them play in the stadium can get crystal-clear, sharp, and well-positioned angles that give them powerful viewing regardless of where they sit.

Chris White, the general manager for Cisco Systems’ sports and entertainment group, makes this observation that soon every other company out to capture a huge part of the online spending pie will agree with: “Probably 99 percent of fans are showing up with a device. “Basic connectivity is absolutely a demand that more and more people are waking up to.”

As mobile device users realize the how interlinked their lifestyles are with the digital landscape, they will accept nothing less than constant connectivity all the time, regardless of what they are doing or where they are. 5BARz’s network extender, a small device which is portable and can easily be carried inside a bag or knapsack, can ensure that flow.

First and best of its kind

While other signal enhancing products are already being offered by some companies, 5BARz’ network extender is truly unmatched and unique and is changing the way carriers design and build their network infrastructure like no other.

Network World wrote several pieces detailing complaints about Verizon’s Network Extender. Three years after its launch, the users are still not satisfied with the unit.

It also requires a broadband Internet connection because the microcell relays the user’s voice and data service requests to Verizon via the Internet. Also, any calls you make are still routed to Verizon’s network via the Internet are still charged on the basis of whatever plan you’re on. All rates and policies associated with your calling plan will apply when connected to Verizon’s device.

T-Mobile’s recently launched 4G LTE CellSpot also works the same way: piggybacking on your home Internet connection to provide stronger signals. Like Verizon, It requires an Internet speed of at least 2 Mbps downstream, and 512 kbps upstream and any data you use while connected to the CellSpot counts against your T-Mobile plan’s data limits.

However, the 5BARz network extender is in an entirely different league as it does not rely on home Internet.

“The network extender uses a very advanced semiconductor and electronics technology to pull those base station signals out of the noise, re-amplifies them, and broadcast them wherever you have this. It’s a little box, you just plug it in the wall and forget it, and have five bars of coverage,” said Dr. Gil Amelio, former Apple CEO and now the board chairman of 5BARz International.

5BARz aims to provide a low-cost solution to the cellular coverage failures for the consumer. It is currently aimed to be priced at $200 to carriers around the world, who will, in turn, give the devices away to their consumers at no cost. No network planning, registration, or paid subscription required. Consumers can rest easy as the product also ensures network and device protection.

Drastically improving mobile experience, the network extender is truly one of a kind as it isn’t just a tech device, but a lifestyle product that optimizes connectivity for work and personal life. Soon, mobile device users will regard it the way they treat their credit cards, smartphones, and wallets: a necessary companion.



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