5BARz strengthens operations in India as network extender deliver results

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Several mobile connection issues, such as drop calls, continue to plague Indian telcos. Sixty-three percent of urban mobile users in the country reported inconsistent network speeds and lost connections, according to the 2015 Ericsson Consumer Insight Summary Report. On the other hand, 68 percent of commuters and outdoor mobile users complained of lengthy lag time and frequent session failures while using mobile apps, such as games, traffic updates, and maps.

India earned the title “call-drop nation” and the severity of the situation prompted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take necessary steps to resolve it, including initiating a discussion with telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, urging him to “take stern measures” if things did not improve. Meanwhile, the industry regulator, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) have already asked telcos to compensate subscribers on dropped calls or face sanctions. This move met a lot of criticism and opposition due to its implementation issues and diversion from the real possible solutions to the problem.

In a Forbes report, communication experts clarified that it is erroneous to claim that the call drop problem is solely the telcos’ fault. They cited failures in multiple areas, ranging from government regulations, congested traffic, outdated infrastructure, consumers overloading network capacity and technical issues, among others.

As things continued to deteriorate without a sustainable solution in sight, India’s private sector have enlisted an American firm, 5BARz International, Inc. (OTCQB: BARZ), in providing a long-term solution for the Indian mobile market’s call drop problems. The company is a technology leader in the cellular network extender industry and its network extender is proving to be a key player in increasing better coverage in India.

The leading US mobile tech company entered the market with its patented RF-based mobile network extender device in the country. Through its Indian subsidiary, 5BARz presented the network extender, before telcos, investor and industry experts in 2015 with the promise of empowering every telecom subscriber to take control of the network quality that Indian telco provided. Furthermore, the technology enabled users to unleash their devices’ full potential with strong network signals.

In an exclusive interview, the company’s CEO Daniel Bland disclosed how the company’s network extender involved a technology, unlike any other signal-enhancing device.

“We have a technology solution that never has been done before and has revolutionized the way telcos build out their networks and provide this much-needed, last-mile connectivity solution,” Bland added.

The big Indian mobile market

India tops most countries in the global mobile penetration race and GSMA India has the numbers to prove it. With over 185 million mobile subscribers in mid- 2015, the country ranked second globally with the largest number of mobile subscribers after China and third with the largest smartphone market. It also possessed a unique mobile setting with 12 active mobile operators—the most in any country in the world.

While India is poised to leave a mark in the global mobile industry with an expected increase of 1 billion mobile subscribers by 2020, it has every reason to stay in the shadows with its faulty mobile connection service.

After several months of extensive field testing by leading multinational Indian telco operators, 5BARz commenced rollout of its network extender in the country. Several months later, Samartha Nagabhushanam, 5BARz India CEO expressed excitement and stated that the company has completed delivery of purchase orders. Furthermore, the company received technical acceptance from the country’s top “Tier One” network operator.

The network extender was commercially launched. With successful testings and initial orders, the two companies continued the network extender’s roll out and delivery to consumers, which they announced before the last quarter of 2015 ended. In a press release, Nagabhushanam mentioned the partnership was mutually beneficial in its objective of providing enhanced indoor user experience when it comes to their mobile devices.

Just recently, another Tier 1 cellular network operator in India announced its purchase of the mobile tech company’s network extender device. While 5BARz’ official statement has not yet disclosed the cellular company’s name, it revealed that the new orders earned 5BARz access to 42 percent of the entire subscriber base in India. By the end of the year, the mobile tech company is preparing for a 100 percent purchase from all Tier 1 telcos in India.

Although 5BARz is set for worldwide distribution, its stronghold of the Indian mobile market has put it on a pedestal against other signal enhancing devices. The company has launched the answer to the poor network coverage plaguing India. Together with top telcos like Vodafone, 5BARz hopes to further solidify its market share and presence by delivering an enhanced indoor user experience with mobile devices in network areas that have proven challenging in the past.