Beyond social media: Recommended mobile apps for college students

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There are other apps beyond Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook that university students can take pleasure in and use in school. Students looking for better digital alternatives to their hefty notepads and research papers know this. Listed below are some of these apps that may not only make your load a bit lighter but your uni life somewhat easier, too.


Though widely used by professionals in the business world, this note-taking app has already taken the university world by storm. Evernote allows students to quick-type whatever their professor is saying, as well as share it with the rest of the classroom—it’s perfect for group discussions and projects. It also has a new feature called Simultaneous Search in which it detects any keyword or phrase what have been already written within the app, helping students to identify from their notes whatever needs additional research. Apps such as Exam Countdown and Revision App are also perfect supplementary tools for Evernote as these help students in  revising the notes they made on Evernote, which makes it perfect for self-quizzing and studying.

Alternatives: Lecture Capture, Notes Plus, SoundNote, and ShareYourBoard


College students dread the moment when it’s time for them to write down all the sources for a research paper. It is no surprise, as this task is highly daunting with its proper formatting, proper attributing, let alone right spelling and punctuation, and one error on such could give you an F. EasyBib does all these tasks properly and easily. By simply scanning a book’s barcode, it can efficiently record a book’s publishing details and transform it into a proper citation, covering all referencing rules from APA, MLA, and Chicago.

Alternatives: EndNote, ReadCube, iSource


Even non-accounting students can benefit from Born2Invest, a multilingual news app for business and finance. This app can aid students in knowing everything they need to know in the global business world in just a few swipes and quick scanning. Being a multilingual app makes it a worthy companion for those interested in reading news in foreign languages in one place. Moreover, it could introduce students to the wonders of the finance world, or give them a sturdy foundation in investing through its well-written news summaries.

Alternatives: Currently, Born2Invest is the only multilingual app for business and finance on the market, but Facebook Paper, Circa News, and Bloomberg are close competitors.

Watch Over Me

Through Watch Over Me, it would be easier for a parent to seamlessly wean off becoming a real-life, agitated human tracker by locating their already grown-up children in case they get lost in the brambles of the sweeping university landscape. It could also be advantageous for friends tracking their groupmates for safety reasons in case they’re doing a collaborative project at night or in any place outside the campus premises. It is basically an app that will keep you safe, by setting the duration you want to be covered by the app. The app will track your location, and you can even add notes, a picture etc. Tap “I’m Safe” before time runs out; if not, your emergency contacts will receive your exact location on a map and whatever details you’ve uploaded.

Alternatives: Circle of Six, GuardianSentral, bSafe

Find my iPhone & Find my Lost Phone

Students losing their phones in and outside their university premises is no longer a new story to many. However, only a few of them know that instead of bawling over the incident on Facebook or Twitter they could find it apace and at once through Find my iPhone & Find my Lost Phone. Pretty useful, and practical, too.

Alternatives: Anti-Theft Alarm, Cerberus, SeekDroid


What’s more dumbfounding than avoiding a dispute over splitting shared apartment bills or group project expenses? Well, Splittable helps students to track expenses and equally calculate payment shares among housemates or project group mates. Basically, this app is all about equally splitting shared expenses, say on rent, or even on pizza and beers.

Alternatives: Spendbook, Wally, Level Money

ATM Hunter

Finally, ATM Hunter, which is pretty much self-explanatory. Students need money for whatever reason and sometimes, at unpredictable times—to get their coffee fix, beer, pizza, or soda break in the middle of an all-nighter and what have you. However, there would be times they’re out of cash and the only thing that can save them is their allowance in the bank. This is also perfect while Pay services from Apple, Samsung, and Android remains available only in select places and areas.

Alternatives: ATM Locator, Money Pass, ING Direct ATM Finder



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