Born2Invest CEO Dom Einhorn reveals plans on app’s global market expansion

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M6 Limited, the company behind Born2Invest, intends to raise fresh working capital during the first quarter of 2016, in line with its goal of making the app a truly global source of relevant finance news on mobile. In the last quarter of 2015, the company’s revenue base has improved to over $400,000 since obtaining a small seed financing in August.

Born2Invest, Einhorn reveals, is expected to be re-launched globally anytime in 2016 when the app is finally available in all 50+ language iterations in all 180 countries. During this period, the company aims to also increase its revenue rate to $9 million, which will be key in positioning the app to potential investors and focal partnerships.

“By that time, we can now officially call our app a truly global business app. Although we remain the first and only finance app available in multiple languages and numerous markets, we would like to inform the public the we are focused on becoming an app for every finance and business news enthusiasts there is—whatever his or her official language is,” he said. He added that before 2017 starts, the app is expected to have an increased monthly average users (MAUs) of one million from current levels of 50,000.

Presently, the app is available in 24 languages (Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, German, English, Spanish, French, Magyar, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Tieng Viet, among others) and in eight editions (Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK, Philippines, US, and International).

“To be precise, the app will be present in 190 countries with 54 languages to be rolled out within the next six months starting [this] January,” expounded Einhorn, stating that he is confident about attracting new investors in the future. “We are currently the biggest and most aggressive content curator app on the market. No other app or tech company boasts of such capacity or infrastructure we have now.”

Born2Invest is also currently the ringleader of the business and finance news segment on the app market. It has consistently maintained a 4.5 star rating on Google Play and on iOS AppStore while unwaveringly maintaining a Top 5 position on global rankings ahead of news app giants The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and CNBC.

Between March 22 and April 2, the app’s user base has been growing continuously on Android and iOS, with new downloads coming from various parts of the globe. From January 24 to February 6, for instance, a large fraction of new users on Android has come from Russia at 42.22 percent, with other new downloads coming from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Indonesia, the United States, India. It has also recorded new downloads from Thailand and Germany over the same period.

Top 10 markets for iOS users are from the Vietnam, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, India, United States, United Kingdom, Croatia, Thailand, Brazil, and Iraq.

Russian remains the most read edition for Android at 66.59 percent (previously 69.32 percent) while its English edition stands at 23.27 percent (previously 21.21 percent). On iOs, the English-US edition currently holds the most read edition at 12.01 percent (previously 13.07 percent), while the English-International edition follows at 9.61 percent (previously 12.01 percent).

“Our audience for the Russian edition for Android is growing at a steady pace, which means our marketing in the Russian region has been successful. Our robust marketing strategy varies per region, as every one of them has its own audience behavior, demographics, let alone existing laws on Internet usage,” Einhorn added.

There are now 376 active users for iOS while Android maintains dominance at 10,351 active readers. The top stories in Android garnered a total of 372,125 screen views. However, all of them are in Russian.

By 2020, as governments and industries compete with each other on becoming the very first adopters of 5G, smartphone app usage is expected to grow two-fold. According to market research firm App Annie, the current $50 million mobile app industry will grow to a staggering $101 billion in the next four years.

“With that, promising mobile apps, especially niche pioneers and industry innovators like Born2Invest will be ahead of its game. Our uniqueness–being the only business app that caters to all languages spoken in the world—will make a difference as our business model is the type that is very difficult to emulate, let alone surpass,” said Einhorn.

The audience on mobile, as reported by Forbes, will also grow at a fast rate as the gap between mobile web and app experiences is now starting to shrink, making mobile a go-to destinations of brands and consumers.

The areas where the mobile app market is expected to generate great improvements such as the Asia-Pacific region is also Born2Invest largest market, including that of the Philippines, India, and Indonesia. The region’s market is expected to increase by 200 percent at $57.5 billion in 2020, a sizeable gain from this year’s $28.3 billion. In addition, the app is now gaining tractiom in emerging markets in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East—key areas that would be responsible for the mobile market’s imminent growth.

To fully realize its goal of becoming a “truly global app,” Einhorn revealed, M6 Limited is now developing a variety of software that will allow them to transform Born2Invest’s continuously expanding user base and increasing reader engagements into revenue.

The company is confident that its low operating costs, its short window to profitability, and high-margin revenue model will be a key asset in making it a leader in the mobile advertising segment while delivering high ROI on new marketing spend. M6 Limited aims to be a global leader in business news and finance curation niche, currently a segment that remains exclusive to Born2Invest.



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