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Born2Invest Founder on Being a Niche Pioneer

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“The content curation space is completely underserved,” enthuses Dom Einhorn, CEO of digital marketing firm M6 Limited, emphasizing that his company’s latest campaign is more of a niche building than simply competing.

“Well, technically speaking, we are competing against other content curators on the mobile market, but what we’re trying to do here is offer something new and efficient, something functional, valuable, handy—and more importantly, global,” he adds.

M6 Limited’s Born2Invest is a mobile app that curates financial and business news in multiple languages. However, its curation process is very different from other news curators on the market. Every news article is summarized in 80 words (or less), in a very straightforward, professional, and informative way. In other words, you get what you need to know in two or three sentences. The app is bereft of SEO tropes (misleading headlines, link baits, cliffhangers) that would entice you to visit the parent site just for you to know the “whole story.”

“There’s a ‘Read Button’ for every story slide, of course, but that’s for those who have plenty of time to read an article in the publisher’s language. Our app is mainly for those who can’t even waste a minute on checking their phones for non-work stuff,” Einhorn adds. “The good thing about our summaries is that they’re no clickbaits—they’re concise and digestible yet remains journalistic.”

Born2Invest is indeed a fresh take on what the tech industry calls the mobile content aggregation. The app itself seems to embody how the world sees people who are into business and finance stuff: it is smart, professional, clean, and simple. The very first thing you’ll notice after the arresting image is the headline on top of a seemingly measured “summary.” Then there’s the slide navigation, which allows users to skim through the entire app by simply swiping each “card.”

Several years ago, Einhorn had an epiphany. He noticed that business news consumption was quickly moving away from traditional media. But he realized that this new trend needed a strong push to become an efficient tool to serve its purpose, which is to inform and educate. Most of the news curators on the market are just pure noise and profit-centric, needless to mention the abundance of ads that ruins the user experience.

“It’s a trend that is hard to ignore along with some of the underlying demographic trends we see globally, such as the exponential adoption of mobile devices around the world (including and specifically in developing markets) and the ubiquitous rollout of mobile broadband services around the word,” adds Einhorn.

Once Panos Mourdoukoutas of Forbes said that “[It’s] better to be a merchandiser than a pioneer.” Well, for Einhorn that only makes sense if you don’t have the capacity and guts to take a risk.  He believes that he and his business partner Adrian Beeston have it all. They know how to be faithful to the game plan, and to rely on each other’s experiences and skills in terms of dealing with treacherous tasks like building a multilingual business app.

“We do believe that we are nimble enough to move fast while building strong barriers of entry against competitors as we roll out our model around the world. Business and finance news is a space in which we have vast experience—that is, 20+ years for Adrian and I each. And both our news curation model and native advertising business model are unique, defendable and sustainable.”



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