Born2Invest girds for a wider market through push notification, announces upcoming new features

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Born2Invest, the first truly global business news curation app on the market, has recently enabled push notification as part of a new marketing strategy that aims to reach more consumers per market and language iteration.

Born2Invest CEO Dom Einhorn said the rollout was launched on the first day of 2016. “It has nothing to do with superstitions as I am a very realistic entrepreneur,” explained Einhorn optimistically. “But we at the company admit that it’s like commencing a new beginning for our app, which has obtained many successes last year, especially right after its soft launch in Manila in July, and in Europe in September.”

Through push notifications, mobile app users are brought real-time news alerts, even when they are not actively using an app. Since enabling it, Born2Invest has gained tremendous visibility in different mobile markets such as in Thailand, Singapore, India, and the Middle East. The Company offers both an Android and an iOS iteration of its flagship mobile application.

This is only one of the new features that the company plans to introduce for 2016. Einhorn revealed that its main priority remains the availability of the app in more languages, especially in non-major markets. In 2015, the app has officially become available in 24 languages, among which are Hindi, Bahasa, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.

“We are constantly working on new features but are rolling them out very carefully,” Einhorn said. “Of course, most new features’ efficacy could really be tested once they are live, but we don’t want a half-baked project. Our goal is 99 percent perfection per new roll out, limiting it to consumer-predilection issues as much as possible. We want the coding to be almost perfect, as no mobile user wants a faulty, slow app.”

The iOS version of the Born2Invest app was released during the last week of December. “We want to be efficiently and seamlessly available on all app stores so that every consumer—whether he or she is an Android or Apple user—will have access to our product,” Einhorn said.

There will be improvements with the app’s storytelling as well. “Our engineers are now working on the video story module. This will make Born2Invest more appealing with finance and business enthusiasts who are always on-the-go. If they don’t want to read, then a video story is a perfect alternative,” Einhorn explained.

Born2Invest is also scheduled for a full-scale launch before the second half of 2016 ends. Currently, the company targets 1-5,000 new downloads every day between paid-for downloads (acquisition marketing) and organic downloads (unpaid).

“We always go back to our main goal—which is to deliver impeccable service by providing up-to-date, professionally written business and finance news summaries in a specific market’s local language. It has always been content first on our end—and with that we have managed to remain focused and customer-centric,” Einhorn said. The app is currently rated 4.5 stars on Google Play and positive feedback is rolling in daily across social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as via email.



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