Entertainment companies gear up as mobile and home movie streaming become the next big wave

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Where does the future of entertainment lie? All signs point to instant video streaming that can be accessed through home-bound equipment or mobile devices.


Print publishing is dead but niche magazines say otherwise

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Focusing on a specific market and giving them specialized content creates readers willing to pay for the pleasure of reading articles.


Putting an end to call-drop in India continues

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India’s telco regulatory board collaborates with major players to decrease the rate of call drops, which is among the highest in the world.


Tech opens niche markets for financial planners

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Financial institutions are experiencing a vibrant new windfall as technological tools and the latest innovations are introducing their services to emerging markets, or inspiring existing ones to re-engage and increase their investments.


Thanks to niche publishing, print won’t die just yet

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Although there’s a truth in print industry’s struggle to keep up with the changing media milieu, it is far from being totally non-existent and dead.


Social media connects people from various industries

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Political mobilization is not the only area where social media engagement is beneficial. Business, health, entertainment, technology and other industries find effective communication platforms in social media.


From one successful firm to another: Former tech executives tapped by startups to make a difference

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The success of Siri is highly disputable. It can be useless to some since it isn’t really capable of giving a sane answer to every question, perhaps the reason why Apple dropped it in the first place. Still, one thing that’s hard to deny is that it put virtual assistant (VA) technology to the mainstream, and it proved that such an imperfect technology could jumpstart a new tech trend or improve an existing innovation, in this case, artificial intelligence (AI). Now, Dag Kittlaus, who developed the VA with mellifluous voice is developing Viv, a new kind of VA powered by AI, machine learning, and third party services. Kittlaus has been developing the new VA technology since 2014, which has been favorable for him in terms of exercising the creative freedom he never obtained under the wing of Steve Jobs. With this, Viv, unlike Siri, is more personal and efficient—calling it “the intelligent interface for everything.” Last month, Kittlaus publicly demonstrated Viv at Tech Crunch Disrupt New York, and it was received well. Viv is similar to Siri, honestly, but what makes it different is it’s bereft all the humor present in Siri every time it ends up at a loss […]


To thrive in niche journalism, innovate and think out of the box

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Publishers, from online to print, are turning to niche journalism because it promises to develop a small but growing and intensely loyal readership who, in turn, will lure in advertisers to plunk in the necessary funds that will keep the publication going.


Deliberately enhancing and blocking cell phone signals are now possible thanks to next generation technologies

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In this mobile-driven world, technology is utilized to entertain, to organize and most especially, to connect people. No technology has prompted breakthrough innovations and triggered economic developments more than mobile.


Cruz’s market crash predictions blame Obama’s economic policies

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Ted Cruz insists of an imminent market crash in today’s seemingly broken economic system.