Are social media sites like Facebook changing the way we read news?

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Traditional journalists who put pen to paper—long before Facebook was an idea in Mark Zuckerberg’s mind—take pride in their profession because the reports they write are designed to make their target readers think.


Chewbacca Mom: The power of the connected world turns a mother’s world upside down

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The moment stay-at-home mom Candice Payne took a selfie video of the birthday treat she bought for herself, she had no idea how the impact of a connected world could turn her life upside down.


Social media’s power over news and its consumers

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Gone are the days when adult consumers spend their mornings reading newspapers to know what’s happening around them.


Scrollytelling : Combining entertainment and public interest

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There should be a unifying content marrying pictures and texts in a single, fluid idea, and scrollytelling does it.


Is niche journalism the new business model that can save the profession?

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Online community journalism or niche journalism—regardless of how the term evolves—has papers, even the bigger and more established ones, getting into the act.


World Press Freedom Day: A celebration and a continuous battle for real freedom

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World Press Freedom Day remains an important day for journalists across the globe as there are still countries where obtaining total journalistic liberty is far from reality.


Improved reading experience leads to trusted and reliable news

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Journalism in today’s highly mobile device-dependent era has evolved in terms of content and how it is delivered.


Can ‘intrepid’ Trump really beat ‘charming’ Clinton?

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Since a democrat candidate needs to secure at least 2,382 out of 4,763 delegates to become the party nominee, it could be said that Hillary is the one who can make it.


Original content rules streaming video, cable shows and social media sites

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Recent studies show that new, unique ways of entertaining and providing information still trump the traditional and the copycats.


Expect branded content to come up on your social media sites and newsfeed

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Facebook, Twitter, and Mashable are just some of the popular sites that will open their doors for corporate marketers to post their branded content.