Coffee shops, city farms, and building foliage: Cannabis finds new ways to flourish in London

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Until legalization takes effect in the UK, cannabis advocates just might find it in the least likely places like a coffee shop, the inner garden of a building, and even a farm tucked deep into the city, away from prying eyes and the police.


Medical marijuana research constrained by NIDA’s weed monopoly

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There have been conspiracy claims over Ole Miss’s marijuana monopoly for over 40 years and it is pointed at these government agencies, DEA, FDA, and NIDA, who are all suspected to be working together to suppress cannabis research by maintaining a monopoly of supply for research purposes.


Apps in Southeast Asia to experience speed improvements

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Southeast Asia’s internet and social media usage increased by 15 percent year-over-year in 2015 as more consumers gained the capability to purchase their own internet-capable device.


Premier finance news app Born2Invest is growing faster than expected

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Born2Invest, the only multilingual news app for finance and business, posted uninterrupted growth despite being live for less than a year since July 2015.


Female celebrities building their own marijuana business

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Thirty-six percent of all leaders in this still-nascent niche are women. In fact, a big chunk of high-level positions at cannabis-focused testing labs and processing firms are held by them, as only 27 percent of these are filled by men.


‘Digital India’ campaign projected to bring 400 million new netizens online by 2018

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India is a land of digital paradox, and its prime minister is pulling out all stops to resolve its mysteries to further solidify the country’s technological foothold.


Leading companies improve assistive tech for better accessibility

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The World Bank estimates that 15 percent, or around one billion, of the global population experience some form of disability.


Facebook’s F8 conference confirmed tech journalists’ speculations

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It was Facebook’s silence over its upcoming F8 developer conference in San Francisco that encouraged tech journalists across the Web to share their own speculations on what Zuckerberg and his team might reveal on its flagship product.


Mobile engagement in today’s dynamic mobile market

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Mobile trend predictions are plenty each year in this digital age. The mobile business app sector is no exception. Forbes highlights the existing role of the developing mobile landscape in redefining business transformations and its impact on marketing trends.


From live-stream runways to virtual fashion shows, social media is shaping the luxury fashion landscape

April 25, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

The ever-increasing smartphone sales and the explosion of social media, both on a global scale, are prompting industry-changing trends that are also steadily streaming into the exclusive world of high-end fashion brands.