Celebrities and various groups around the world show strong support for cannabis legalization during International Weed Day

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April 20, or 4/20, is the one day in the world when your friends, who are not as involved on the matter as you, will cut you some slack in smoking weed. On a more productive angle, they might be more willing to listen to your arguments on how medical cannabis is helping in the fight against cancer, easing the pain of inflammation, or managing epilepsy. International Weed Day, has become the one moment every year when cannabis proponents can celebrate their patronage of the plant and its medical and recreational use.

As described by Got To Be Mobile, 4/20 became the catchphrase for a community of cannabis lovers to bond and enjoy an uninterrupted time in smoking weed. Not surprisingly, it started at the height of the hippie culture in the 1970s, when some marijuana smokers set a time for their coming together: 4:20. Later on, any group who wanted to meet up and have a marijuana session adopted the hourly schedule as their hangout tag. This particular hour-and-minute was soon converted into a monthly schedule— April 20—when the greater larger of cannabis users needed to pick a date for what would become a yearly celebration.

Celebrities are the first to throw reservation aside to post photos on how they are celebrating their day with the weed. Music Feed spots Dune Rats drinking it up, The Bennies mixing it up with an airline crew thousands of miles above the earth, and country legend Willie Nelson giving a discount in his paraphernalia sale. While Action Bronson and Whiz Khalifa get stoned while turning to their favorite shows, pop princess Rihanna releases a brand new music video as Killer Mike tweets, “Let’s smoke and enjoy Cali Whiskey, Wine, Weather, Women, and Weed!”

Because weed smoking is still illegal in Australia, the more creative users celebrate in their own out-of-the-box way. As Mashable reports, designer Tom Mason uses earthenware to craft smoking bongs (or head-sized masks) from the images of popular musician Shannon Noll and cricket legend Shane Warne. Call it substitute celebration: you may not be able to smoke the pot, but you can imagine and simulate it using these bongs.

No such inhibition hinders the organizers of the Genesee County who herald the day with its 4/20 Celebration, an hours-long event where marijuana supporters can attend concerts, listen to live bands, and enjoy product discounts, says MLive

However, perhaps the most powerful celebration this year happened in Canada, where Health Minister Jane Philpott made an announcement on April 20 that cannabis will definitely be legalized in the spring of 2017. As reported by Global News, Philpott will find a steady base of support from Canadians, 68 percent of whom have stated in a survey that they agree that cannabis should be legalized. Philpott elaborated that legalizing cannabis “is the best way to protect our youth while enhancing public safety.”

There are other advantages to legalizing cannabis, says a report by health and wellness company Med-X Inc., which also manufactures and distributes a more robust, healthier, organic cannabis that is converted into medical marijuana. The industry will build a $37 billion revenue by 2020 and trigger the growth of related industries like tourism, farming, medical supplies, and property development. As impediments to research are removed, physicians and scientists alike can obtain more funding and latitude in discovering the other health benefits of cannabis which, to date, has been proven to slow down cancer cell production, reduce physical inflammation, and manage epilepsy.

The financial returns of investment in a legal cannabis company are staggering, and the restoration of health to patients who could not have found recovery otherwise is beyond measure. All those are reasons enough to celebrate the use of cannabis and come together on International Weed Day.



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