Chewbacca Mom: The power of the connected world turns a mother’s world upside down

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The moment stay-at-home mom Candice Payne took a selfie video of the birthday treat she bought for herself, she had no idea how the impact of a connected world could turn her life upside down.

Payne took the usual morning errands on Thursday and decided to drop by Kohl’s for some returns. When she came across a $20 Star Wars talking Wookie mask, she knew she should have it. In a Texas parking lot, Candice had to let the world know how she owned the mask through a live-streamed video on Facebook. By Saturday, to her surprise, the video got almost 105 million views.

On Sunday, the hysteric Chewbacca mom showed herself in front of the national television on ABC News’ Good Morning America who recalled what she did before posting the video. The mom of two actually had a few stops but could not resist the urge to try on her new mask before deciding to post the video.

“So I thought, I’m going to share this with my Facebook friends and family, and if anybody wants to see it, they’re going to have to see it now. And I’m going to document. This was mine to begin with. This was never theirs.” Payne recalled.

Payne’s Facebook friends actually loved the video so much that they had to share it with the world. In just a short time, the video went viral. Today, it has more than 140 million views, even beating Buzz feed for most watched Facebook Live video, reports NPR.

On another instance, the Chewbacca mom graced The Late Late Show with James Corden with her contagious hysterical laugh.  While rehearsing their scripts, Payne finds herself in awe after J.J Abrams shows up.

During her various guesting, Payne received gift cards $ 2,500.  Kohl’s even gave her husband and children similar Chewbacca masks along with $2,500 worth of Star Wars toys. James Corden even surprised her with a letter written by actor Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in all of Star Wars movies.

“The best part of all of this is being able to share joy with people, hear stories of people coming out of depression,” Payne added

Payne’s instant fame is undeniably a product of a highly technological and instantaneously connected world. The past three decades saw a remarkable development in the world of communication and computers. Today’s digital age is built upon powerful gadgets and devices that connect people even from across the globe through the internet.

What would the world be like without people like Candice whose contagious laughter suddenly uplifted those in dire need of a little laughter? In today’s highly technological society whose main entertainment comes mobile, the internet becomes an important technological innovation that no one can live without.

“Well, let’s face it: the two mega trends of our era have been mobile communications and the Internet, and those two things are feeding each other and causing additional growth as a consequence of that,” answered 5BARz International, Inc. (OTCQB: BARZ) Chairman Gil Amelio in a Fox Business interview.

The San Francisco-based mobile tech innovator developed a unique carrier-grade technology, which is a network extender. This single plug-and-play unit improves the indoor mobile signal by enhancing weak signals either from the home or office.

For Payne, posting the video on her Facebook account and seeing it soar to more than a million likes is a treat in itself. Still, after seeing the impact the video had on people whose lives she’s unknowingly touched, shows just how a hysteric genuine laughter posted on social media can easily reach people in today’s widely connected world.