Female celebrities building their own marijuana business

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Among the many proofs that the US cannabis industry is fast expanding for the better is the sudden rise of the quality startups like Med-X, which does not only want to be part of the niche but also to transform it into their research-based products and marijuana-focused advocacies. Add to this the undeniable fact that this market is not only reserved for men, which is very common in most US industries.

According to a study conducted by The Marijuana Business Daily, female leaders, unlike in any other industries, aren’t a rarity in the US cannabis industry. Thirty-six percent of all leaders in this still-nascent niche are women. In fact, a big chunk of high-level positions at cannabis-focused testing labs and processing firms are held by them, as only 27 percent of these are filled by men.

It’s no longer surprising that the growing industry is almost equally shared by men and women, as behind cannabis’ legalization in select states are women advocates, professionals, and leaders. This also explains why it isn’t hard for women to publicly admit that they are big believers in its many health benefits, let alone put up their own marijuana-focused business.

One of the famous women who have recently ventured in this fast-expanding niche is veteran actress Whoopi Goldberg. Perhaps it could be a shock to non-marijuana enthusiasts who came to know her well in Sister Act, wherein she played the role of a nun. She just recently broke the Internet after publicly announcing that she’s now the chairman of a startup marijuana firm Whoopi & Maya. Her flagship products? Balm, tincture, sipping chocolate, and bath soak.

However, the award-winning actress reiterated that it isn’t just a fly-by-night venture as she is sincere in utilizing her brand to send a clear message to people on marijuana’s health benefits.

“The fact that nobody was talking about this made me a little crabby. That was the tipping point,” Goldberg told Forbes. She immediately considered putting her trade after realizing that the weed that has been helping her for a long time can also of help to many American women. Before finally deciding to build her own line of marijuana products out of close friend Maya Elisabeth’s existing products, she did her research to assure that she won’t end up having dreadful products like those inundating the market today.

In 2011, reality TV star Bethenny Frankel made headlines after selling her own line of alcoholic drinks to Beam Inc. for a whopping $100 million. Fast-forward to 2016, she catches media attention again upon announcing that she’s currently busy working with Beam to produce a new Skinnygirl line that consists of unique marijuana-based products. According to Us Magazine, Frankel’s products will be a line of a specially-engineered strain of pot, something that the US marijuana market has not seen before.

American rock singer Melissa Etheridge has also told Bloomberg that she is designing a special product that would allow marijuana enthusiasts to enjoy the weed without even smoking it. She revealed that one of the factors that convinced her to jump on the marijuana business bandwagon is that because she felt the weed’s benefits first-hand.

“Cannabis helped me so much when I was struggling with cancer and I really believe it deserves to be legal nationwide. That is why I’ve decided to team up with the best experts in the field to develop products to help legitimize this important industry,” she told The Weed Blog in 2015 when she was still pitching her business to several high net worth investors across the world.

With all this being said, it’s not hard to imagine that sooner or later there would be more women in this industry. Thanks to these celebrities, as they are making this thing both normal and extraordinary. What we’re hoping is that more women—not only in the US—will be inspired by their stories not only to become future CEOs but also leaders, advocates, and game-changers.



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