From beauty and relationship tips to smart shopping, welcome to the women’s world of apps

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It’s a woman’s world in the 21st century, and smart apps specially designed for ladies have made their lives more comfortable, more efficient, and more powerful. Spewing up results on the search engine box after Googling them is just beginner starters. Apps on a cellular device have become an important part of women’s lifestyle. They help manage their finances, give a heads-up about the next phase of their menstrual cycle, and even erase online memories of a bad break-up.

Women of all ages and sizes want to look and feel good from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. And sometimes a virtual upgrade is all that is needed to enhance that glam. After taking a short look at the mirror, just download these Apps. Buzzfeed recommends the Hair Color Booth and the OPI Nail App. The first can let you see how a particular hair color will complement your facial features, and the second gives you a rainbow of nail polish that can perk up your fingers – you get to make those choices even before stepping into a salon.

For a more thorough make-over, try Beautiful Me over at iTunes which focuses on skin tone. By studying your photo, it takes note of your facial composition, aging effects, and hair texture. It then gives advice on the right make-up and skin products you can use to make you look younger and yes, more beautiful.

Sex for the fast-moving lady gets even safer with apps like myPill and Clue, says Popsugar. Clue clues you in one when your next period is coming up. It helps you prepare by packing those tampons and pills inside your handbag while eliminating the nasty crimson surprise that catches you unaware every month. myPill is an ideal complementary app to Clue. Aside from tracking your period, it recommends the best contraception suitable for your system, reminds you of your next trip to the doctor, and actually notifies you when you need to take that pill.

Apps have also made shopping happier and less stressful for the modern woman. They show where you can shop and maximize the most out of your buck, and at the same time help you keep track of your finances so you don’t go overboard. Shopstyle alerts you when your favorite stores and brands have sales in your favorite categories while ShopSavvy allows you to compare in just a few clicks all the sales, discounts, and bargain sprees that are happening in your selected stores. Just in case you do tend to get carried away with the shopping madness, Marie Claire recommends Billguard, which lets you monitor your expenditures, and Mint, which enables you to monitor all your bank accounts in one financial hub.

Meanwhile, the more entrepreneurial ladies who want to make extra income through investments can find out the booming business companies and the hottest stocks through Born2Invest. The app also boasts of sections dedicated to investing, personal finance, markets, and world economy.

Women too can have the last word in a nasty break-up. Tired of seeing your ex on social media sites? Or you just want to erase him from your thoughts for the time being, while you move on? According to Marie Claire, BlockYourEx literally stops him from coming up on your browser, while the more-selective Killswitch allows you to filter what photos or news bits of him (and maybe his new dates) come up on your Facebook.

Women rule in the wonderful world of the apps. In the adrenaline-fueled era, you can look even more attractive, more financially-savvy, and ultimately, be freer!



Leah Marie Angelou is an LGBTI activist, equality advocate, and has been a writer for several feminism-focused groups since 21. She is of African and Taiwanese decent. She now teaches microfinancing to various low-income communities across the East Coast.