From Twitter Moments to Hotify, experts welcome new trends in news curation

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“Out with the old and in with the new” is a saying that goes well with the new year as new trends in 2016 manifest just as the first quarter of the year ends. 2016 brings in hot and new technological and marketing trends that will surely change people’s perception of news, social media, and mobile news app.

On news curation

Quoting BBC Worldwide Digital Studios, Econsultancy reported that content will surely reach more audiences online as more platforms and services dedicated to curation are launched. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, people are bombarded with information from all sorts of online media, thus intensifying the need for curation.

One news curator app that people should watch out for is Hotify. According to the Tech Bulletin, the news curator app recently received a $150,000-funding from the Rajasthan Angel Investors Network (RAIN). Founded by Abhinav Garg, Ankur Garg, Li Jian and Alok, Hotify customizes your news feed based on your interests in news from around the world.

Another app that has quickly gained traction in the mobile news space is Born2Invest. The app’s approach is simple and straightforward: business and finance news carefully culled from trusted sources and curated into effective 80-word summaries. This whole new approach on news curation is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Dom Einhorn.

Born2Invest is one of the most downloaded business news apps on Google Play. “Business and finance news is a space in which we have 20 plus years of experience. And both our news curation model and native advertising business model are unique, dependable, and sustainable,” Einhorn said.

What makes this app a dominant player in their chosen niche? According to Einhorn, strategic market targeting is essential which is through attacking the market where the need is more profound and where current competitors do not compete.

Hashtag Trends

The word hashtag has become part of our everyday vocabulary in just two years and has eventually made its way to the tech dictionary last year. In 2015, hashtags broke multiple world records in social media sharing.

This year, predicts that hashtags will have to double their way up the headlines. What was originally used for marketing and pop culture memes has now become part of the communication culture. Hashtags are powerful tools used in news agencies and social platforms and even political marketing.

Trends predictions this year include personalization, gamification and emoji action. For example, personalizing hashtags make it easier to track high school reunion photos and planned local club meet ups as more people are adopting the practice of including hashtags in their online posts or status messages.

Hollywood comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon’s way of hashtag gamification is also an example of how to use hashtags to gain massive attention. However, Business2Community warns of taking advantage of the hashtag trend. “Turning your audience into content creators and rewarding the cleverest and most popular ones may still be too risky a practice for some brands,” the business site says.

Social Media

Popular social media apps like Facebook and Twitter have incorporated the use of video in their news feed more aggressively in the past year. Experts say that visual content, specifically video, will likely continue as a trend this year. More brands are also utilizing live streaming apps with the added interactive features.

Another social media trend set in 2016 is Twitter’s expansion of its Moments app, its breaking news-focused feed app. According to Tech Crunch, the launch of Moments targets to broaden its appeal by making the app more accessible to average folks.

Graphs are also making their way in the content curation trend such as Google Knowledge Graph. Econsultancy predicts that the graph is more likely to change the way brands create content with more opportunity to be featured in Google’s Search results were more complex and difficult topics are created. This leads to more knowledgeable and intelligent content curators in the future.



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