hard economic times

Hard Times Hit Every Sector and Industry

April 02, 2013 / by / 0 Comment
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Belgium’s Le Soir notes that even rapidly expanding industries are suffering the evil effects of the current economic conditions.

While it is true that many businesses are being founded every week while others close shop, sometimes due to the lack of qualification of their founders, the same certainly not be said of Michel Soumillion. In June of 2010, he founded Clean XXL, a company that today employs 25 professional housekeepers. And he does not intend on leaving it at that.

Very close to his 25 employees, Michel Soumillion is about to formalize a new partnership with them. “Every day, you hear that businesses are closing their doors. And, instead of taking matters into their own hands, the soon-t0-be-unemployed wait for the government’s help. In my case, my own business helped me rebound. Now I want to diversify.”



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