Mobile app usage continues to dominate in 2016 with personalization, news & magazine apps leading the way

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Mobile app usage increased by as much as 58 percent in 2015 and not showing any signs of stopping this 2016, according to the Flurry Insights. The Yahoo-owned statistics and analytics firm revealed in their blog an enduring growth in mobile app usage in the past seven years. With the exclusion of gaming apps, every app category recorded a yearly triple-digit growth, based on the 2.1 billion devices tracked every month. Apps related to personalization, productivity and news/magazine topped the study as most engaged.

Engagement is defined, in this case, as the process of opening an app resulting in an session. While the 58 percent increase in app usage was seen as an apparent decrease, compared to 76 percent in 2014 and 103 percent in 2013, the numbers remained positive. Experts were stunned at the results which showed a growth in re-engagement sessions rather than new app users.

According to TechCrunch, app developers have realized the importance of re-engaging current app users. In terms of  increasing app usage, users who return to spend more time in the app, seems to outweigh reeling in new users.

Kimoji app and Android lockscreens

Android lockscreens and Emoji keyboards remained the top personalization apps with a remarkable 332 percent increase last year. The ability of the app to customize replies was favored by users’ top messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Line. Unsurprisingly, Kim Kardashian’s “Kimoji” app aggressively hit the top charts by storm, making it the most downloaded emoji app on the Apple AppStore.

Business Insider and Born2Invest

The mobility brought about by smartphones resulted in a 135 percent growth in the news and magazine app category, Flurry Insights revealed.

According to Yahoo Developers, the second quarter of last year saw American consumers spending almost four hours per day on their mobile devices. Another 43 minutes were added to the total time spent in the last quarter of 2015, thus an increase in app views specifically in the news and magazine app categories.

Among the most downloaded financial news app in Google Play were Business Insider and Born2Invest app. Business Insider earns a total of 72 million unique visitors each month revealed German Media giant Axel Springer through a conference call, Fortune reported. Even if Google analytics puts 90 million as BI unique views, about 60 percent of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices, while 40 percent comes social media, added Springer.

According to Google Analytics data, the Born2Invest app locked in a day’s total of 16.2 percent sessions on October 11, in non-English countries such as Mexico, Thailand and Brazil. The mobile news app delivers carefully curated financial and business news in an effective 80-word summary, available in around 25 languages.

Productivity suites, lifestyle and shopping

The study revealed by Criteo, mobile is compared to weed growth which skyrocketed globally in 2015. In the U.S, mobile activities such as e-Commerce transactions, total 29 percent while 34 percent was recorded globally. However, the last quarter of 2015 showed a 33 percent reach in mobile share in the U.S while a 40 percent reach recorded globally.

Productivity grew 125 percent while lifestyle and shopping apps saw an 81 percent growth in 2015. According to the study, the growth is an indication of the worldwide shift to phablets, smartphones and tablets. The numbers hold true with more students using these devices in downloading productivity apps such as Google Docs, Quip and other productivity suites.



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