Original content rules streaming video, cable shows and social media sites

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If content is the king that rules over thousands of followers, friends, and fans, then the original content is the monarch that just might live forever. Recent studies show that new, unique ways of entertaining and providing information still trump the traditional and the copycats, and pioneers like Netflix, Amazon, and even Facebook are trying to out-create each other to capture the hearts and minds of the digital generation.

A couple of reports indicate that this seems to be the year of Netflix, the streaming-video service that initially went against the tide of TV broadcasting by offering favorite shows and blockbuster movies through the internet. These days, Netflix is riding its own wave with its original programming proving to be more popular than the ones produced by other studios and channels. According to data that  Business Insider got from the Netflix-tracking catalog company Allflicks, TV shows, including documentaries, that the company produces rates higher with viewers than the others they license from the so-called legacy networks. For example, this means that Netflix-produced superhero shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones rank 3.87 stars out of five, compared to The Flash and Green Arrow which are licensed from CW. Business Insider says that this proves that Netflix’s thousands of subscribers have confirmed the company’s pivotal decision to invest in original programming.

The quality of the shows that Netflix is churning out is what caught the viewers’ collective eye. Netflix enjoyed another triumph when, for the first time in six years, cable viewers who responded to a survey conducted by Morgan Stanley said Netflix is number one when it comes to quality programming from subscription-based services like cable TV. With 29 percent of respondents putting Netflix on top of their preference, it actually bested HBO, the perennial winner, who came in this year at a mere 23 percent. According to the report filed by Variety, other competitors like Hulu, Amazon, and Starz were trailing far behind.

The Morgan Stanley report predicted that “… in 2016 Netflix will spend more on (original programming) than HBO for the first time.” This strategy confirms the words said by Netflix CFO David Wells in an earlier interview with Business Insider that their original content is “much more impactful” on the viewers.

Dom Einhorn, co-founder, and CEO of news app Born2Invest concurs that viewers will always want to find new and relevant content every time they click on their cell device.

“Engagement is the key to getting the reader not just to stay on your site, but to becoming a loyal subscriber as well,” he says. “Economic, political, and technological changes happen in the new business landscape we find ourselves in. Readers who get the same kind of news report from the same news agencies will look for an angle that has not been visited or an analysis that will make them see the issue through a different lens. Our news reports are not something he can read from just any other site. Original content rules.”

Born2Invest’s international team of journalists bring that unique perspective to readers by writing their stories real-time. Readers can understand more fully the context as well as the possible repercussions of a news report, and maybe even its particular relevance to their lives.

Never been content with playing second fiddle, Amazon will be pouring more investments into creating more original content for its video-streaming services this year. Amazon Studios may have lesser ammunition in its arsenal than Netflix right now: its $2.5 billion budget compared to the competition’s $5 billion, and its 13 seasons of original programming compared to their 27. However, My San Antonio says that a 51 percent increase in Amazon Studios’ viewership every year is a minefield that must be explored. Amazon Studios also has an advantage that its competitors don’t have: an algorithm system that can profile each viewer and analyze his viewing preferences. Creating original content will be based on the science that has made the internet retail store an international hit.

Facebook, the uncontested king of social media sites, recognizes the value of original content. It wants its billions of friends to post their own personal videos, photos, and anecdotes on the newsfeed, instead of just copying and pasting links to content found on other news sites and video channels. As reported by Tech Times, Facebook is alarmed over a 21 percent drop in the posting of original content, especially when this figure can indicate that users may be posting their more personal selfies, status updates, and live videos on more niche sites like Snapchat and Instagram. A special team has been put in place to come up with strategies to address the loss.

As the big players come up with their own plans to rule the digital landscape, the race is expected to be even more fierce  One thing is certain: This brave new world waiting to be conquered will have no room for copycats.



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