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Samsung Pulls Away from Apple

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The South Korean group’s share price has performed far better than that of its rival Apple. Samsung shareholders, on the other hand, were able to appreciate a gain of around 40 percent. Austria’s Die Press reports.

Vienna, Austria. Analysts always have high expectations when it comes to U.S. technology group Apple. But in recent months, the company was unable to meet those expectations. Not so with Samsung. The share price of the South Korean group has performed far better than that of the American giant. Since early 2012, Apple shares have only seen a four percent increase. While Apple’s had increased significantly, there is now a downward trend in its share price since last Fall. Samsung shareholders, on the other hand, saw a gain of around 40 percent. The company’s market capitalization currently sits at around 220 billion dollars (170 billion euros).

During the past year, while nearly 216 million smartphones were leaving the production lines at Samsung, there were only 136 million units shipped by Apple. However, one needs to remain aware that Samsung sells far more models than the number of iPhone models currently in circulation.

Although Samsung tries to gain ground on Apple primarily with premium products, the company seems to not have forgotten that it has to serve other customer segments as well. Middle-class and cheap mobile phone deals make the cash registers ring, especially in emerging markets.

In the opening quarter of 2013, the technology company increased its operating profit by 53 percent to the equivalent of six billion euros. In the same period, 68 to 70 million units are expected to have sold. At Apple, however, experts expect a drop of 30 percent, to around 30 million iPhone units sold. According to rumors, Apple might start production of the refreshed version of its iPhone5 during the second quarter of 2013. This unit could hit the market before the summer.

New Software from Facebook

Meanwhile, Facebook has announced that Android phones (Samsung also runs on the Android operating system) will start featuring new software called “Home. This software replaces the home screen and will allow users to receive instantaneous news from their circle of friends.




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