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Swiss Unemployment Rate Drops to 3.1%

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The number of unemployed in Switzerland fell in April for the third consecutive month. The unemployment rate now stands at 3.1% of the workforce, Swiss daily ‘Le Temps’ reports.

The number of unemployed in Switzerland fell in April for the third consecutive month, falling by 3142 to 135,851 people. The unemployment rate fell by 0.1 percentage points in March to 3.1% of the workforce.

However, the number of unemployed who are registered with the Regional Offices (RAV) appears higher by a margin of 10.3% in comparison to the month of April 2012 (12 693 additional people), said the Secretary of State and Economic Affairs (Seco). A situation that reflects the slower growth observed in recent months.

Youth unemployment (15-24 years) has declined more than the average unemployment rate. It receded by 5.3%, or 990 people, to 17,812, even though it remains up 6.9% or 1,143 people on an annual basis. The total number of job seekers on the other hand has decreased by 3857 in April in comparison to March to return to 190,367.

Unemployment falls in the French-speaking cantons, except in the Lake Geneva area.

While most French speaking cantons have seen their unemployment rate decrease in April compared to March, this is not the case in the Lake Geneva region. In Geneva, the unemployment rate has even increased by 0.2% and is by far the highest in Switzerland, standing at 5.5%. In the canton of Vaud, it remains stable at 5%.

Neuchâtel, which in February still shared the top spot in unemployment with Geneva, moves more and more into positive territory because the canton recorded a decline of 0.1 points in April to 5.1%.

The cantons of Jura and Fribourg recorded a decrease of 0.2 percentage point, higher than the Swiss average, and the rate decreased in April to 3.6% and 2.6% respectively. Bern has an unemployment rate of 2.3%, down 0.1 points compared to March.

The Grisons witness the largest increase in April (+0.6 to 2.2%). The country’s most populous canton, Zurich, sees its rate remain stable at 3.2%, just above the national average (3.1%). The cantons of Obwalden and Nidwalden remain the most untouched by unemployment, with a rate of only 0.9% each, down slightly by 0.1 points.



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