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The 37 Million Euro Whiz Kid

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Germany’s premier soccer institution, the FC Bayern Munich wants to grab 20 year-old Dortmund star Mario Götze, according to Handelsblatt and

According to reports, Bayern Munich committed to a € 37 million transfer fee already. A sum that Bayern wants to transfer to Borussia Dortmund in the summer – so that incoming coach, Pep Guardiola, gets his welcome gift.

Munich, Germany. Bayern Munich has possibly mastered another transfer for next soccer season after the earlier commitment of Star coach Pep Guardiola. According to a report by “”, Borussia Dortmund star Mario Götze will switch to Munich in the summer. The soccer player has even signed a long term contract with the German champions, so to the story goes. No one was willing to officially comment on the news at either Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund.

The change makes sense considering Guardiola’s system and how much he appreciates the young German star. That the Catalan trainer has a preference for small, tech-savvy footballers, has been known for a long time at FC Barcelona. He supervised men like Messi, Xavi and Iniesta who dominated European football by controlling the ball in the midfield and letting opponents chase after it. Götze is a similar type of player with talent comparable to Guardiola’s former proteges.

The possible departure of the 20-year-old from Dortmund, which according to “” is possible via a special contractual clause, comes at an explosive time. This Wednesday, BVB Dortmund meets Real Madrid in the first leg of the semi-final of the Champions League, while tonight already Bayern is facing off against Guardiola’s former club, Barcelona.

A departure of the offensive artist from Dortmund to Munich would be a great loss for Borussia. During the 2011 and 2012 championships, the dribbler’s name was synonymous with success.  In the current Bundesliga season, he scored ten goals and had twelve assists. In the Champions League, coach Jürgen Klopp’s idol led the team back into the semifinal for the first time since the 1998 season, with two goals and seven assists.

Götze, for whom several European clubs had shown serious interest, is technically still under contract with Dortmund until 2016. But reported that he could leave the club for a breakup fee of 37 million Euros.



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