The next US president’s stand on marijuana is important for all

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The US presidential race concludes in a few months and candidates are expected to deal with issues the country is currently facing such as immigration, economy, education, healthcare, and terrorism. These presidential hopefuls have voiced out their respective stands on said matters.

For instance, Trump stands firm on his immigration platform of deporting undocumented individuals and at least banning all Muslims temporarily, accounted PBS. Clinton on the other hand, promises to uphold and defend the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, Sanders  says he will invest $1 trillion in rebuilding infrastructures.

Another crucial and controversial discussion is that of marijuana legalization. The candidates’ stances on this issue produce a pressing concern which calls for further scrutiny, recounts the Daily Caller.

While some are firm and clear on their position, other candidates are torn on this issue, thus releasing vague and sometimes conflicting messages regarding the issue, and other candidates are still keen on publicizing their reservations on the marijuana policy.

Democrats’ views

On the Democratic side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders supports marijuana decriminalization and its medical use. He believes in weighing the pros and cons before subjecting to reform. On the account of state legalizing marijuana specifically in Colorado, Sanders said that if the state decides to vote on legalizing marijuana, they can do so without restrictions. The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), a pro-legalization organization awarded Sanders an A. Similarly all the candidates received awards based on their stance regarding the issue.

Sanders’ rival on the Democratic seat,  Hillary Clinton has an unclear and state-based approach on the issue. While she refused to accept donations from the National Cannabis Industry, Clinton supports the movement to not to revert states’ decisions legalizing marijuana. Unlike Sanders, Clinton has not fully expressed her support of legalization. Instead, she proposed moving it from Schedule I to Schedule II which is a less restrictive category on the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

According to the CSA, Schedule I has the potential for abuse and drugs in this category have no medical value. Although drugs categorized in Schedule II also have a high potential for abuse, these drugs have accepted medical use in the country.

For the MPP, a B grade fits Clinton best even if it contradicts what the organization thinks about Clinton’s marijuana reforms.

Republicans’ reservations

Republican Donald Trump, the candidate who has been mostly vocal about his advocacies on immigration and the country’s economy, is keen on his reservations on Colorado’s legalizing marijuana for recreational use. This garnered him a C+ rating by the MPP.

His current stance also contradicted his 1990 argument saying that to win the War on Drugs, profits had to be taken away from drug czars. However, during another interview, his exact words were, “You have to legalize drugs to win that war.”

On the other hand Ohio Gov. John Kasich, strongly opposes marijuana use and its legalization but is quite unresolved to the idea of medical marijuana. The MPP gave him C-. His string of quotes listed regarding important issues includes voting YES on the prohibition of needle exchange and medical marijuana in DC and in May 1996, refused to celebrate a drug filled lifestyle.

Sen. Ted Cruz also opposes the legalization of marijuana for adults but has held states their right to decide for themselves. His stance on the Colorado issue was reportedly echoed in the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference where he respected the State’s decision, even if it contradicts his beliefs.The MPP gave him a C rating.

The big industry potential

The pressing issue of legalizing marijuana puts the cannabis industry in the spotlight and even if there are issues on its legality on the federal level, according to a Fortune article, the industry could hit $6.7 billion this year. This alone continues to attract entrepreneurs and investors. Furthermore, experts also claim that there are a lot of people in the business and finance world who await the next innovations in the cannabis industry.

For instance, the Los Angeles-based medical cannabis company Med-X, which runs an equity crowdfunding campaign, have revolutionized innovations of natural products and organic cultivation of cannabis.

Med-X has identified the use an all-natural insecticide known as Nature Cide. This revolutionary product in the cultivation of organic cannabis protects the roots of plant from pests while keeping the plant healthy.

The candidates’ stance on legalizing marijuana issues help voters choose who they should vote for. In some states where issues on legalizing marijuana will be voted for, candidates who have a liberal stand turn out to be the most popular. Government studies expert state in an ATTN report that turnout for issues that have a bit of a liberal slant do better in presidential election years, when turnout is higher and younger people, people of color, and nontraditional voters tend to come out and vote.