This one habit shared by successful people you might want to start doing

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Reading: it’s the one habit shared by the billionaires, innovators, and industry leaders that all of us admire. Successful people read from the time they wake up to before they go to bed. They just don’t skim-and-click away web articles, but they dig themselves deep into the material, evaluating information, analyzing data, and applying their insights to the challenges of the next days. They succeed because they keep on learning, and reading is the avenue that provides them with continuous education.

The testimonials of the icons of our age, as described by the Australian Financial Review, should be enough to convince you. Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, consumes 80 percent of his waking day reading. Elon Musk, who built industries previously thought impossible, said that reading helped him construct the rockets which are now emerging into another boundary-breaking business venture. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made a vow to finish two books in a week.

Bill Gates has gone far ahead of Zuckerberg in that area, says Waqar Ahmed, one of Quora’s most popular writers on the lives of successful people. The Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist reads one book a week, or 52 books a year.

Aside from learning something new, the daily discipline of reading activates our mental processes and harnesses our powers of concentration and analysis. Harvard Business Review’s John Coleman credits it with enhancing communication and empathetic skills. Buffett compares his favorite hobby to accumulating compound interest in an investment; the more information you absorb and digest, the more your understanding of people, things, and the world, in general, will build on each other into one mental library. The minute you need a piece of data to solve a particular problem, you just have to pull the relevant files from your internal repository of knowledge.

Shadi Gad writes that reading is critical to an investor’s success. Those who want to make money by studying stock movement must be able to tune out a lot of external noise and focus on trends, triggers, and even seemingly obscure news that can determine the value of a company and its shares. Reading stops a user from multi-tasking and helps him develop that kind of “intense focus” that investors should always have. It also nurtures in him the ability to “collect and analyze unbiased information.”

Buffett suggests a daily reading habit of 500 pages a day. If this sounds too intimidating, Ahmed proposes starting with a few pages a day on topics that you like.

Another way to develop the habit is to click on actual sites that regularly deliver information on your favorite subjects. One effective technique for absorbing what you read online is to focus on that particular site for a few minutes, without leaping into the next link. Take time to digest what you have just read.

Apps like Born2Invest actually help perpetually rushing cell device users into developing a reading habit. In its case, less becomes more, with a formula that engages readers who find overwhelming Buffett’s 500-page recommendation along with information overload caused by the digital explosion. Born2Invest presents information as both palatable and presentable by curating relevant updated news content derived from trusted news sources around the world. The reports come in 80-word summaries, immediately giving the reader an idea of the news item and its most important angles.

Absorption, comprehension, and digestion happen in those few minutes that the user reads the reports. If his interest is piqued by the information, he will search for more content, and read more every single day. For the newbie reader who wants to rise to Buffett’s level, curated content is the first step in his journey; it’s like tasting the appetizer before enjoying the full meal courses.

Successful people read as a habit. Develop this as a lifestyle if you want to follow in their footsteps. Start slowly by reading a few choice sites or several pages in a day. Apply this diligently. Before you know it, you would have acquired an appetite and an ability for amassing and analyzing important information. Perhaps, you might have arrived at your own unique wealth-generating ideas along the way.