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Young French Look for Exile

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According to a ViaVoice study for W & Cie, 51% of French 25-34 year olds would like to live in another country. A rather depressing statistic. Le Figaro reports.

It is a real wake-up call! Only 36% of young French people have confidence in the future of their country, while75% of young Germans believe in the future of their homeland and 67% of young Americans. This general depression is reflected in two other disturbing figures: 50% of 18-24 year olds and 51% of 25-34 year olds would, if they could, go live somewhere else!

These are the teachings of the ‘brand barometer France’, a study meant to assess the appreciation the French have for their own country. Completed according to the quota method (from online interviews conducted by ViaVoice, February 20-27, via a representative sample of 1002 people), the study serves as a reference tool to W & Cie, a subsidiary of media giant Havas.

A Collective Depression

“These results show mixed feelings of being fed up, fatigued or just curious, explains Denis Gancel, CEO of W & Co. However, we are not really seeing a flight of our youth, but a reflection that they want to experience new things. “While French youth are willing to wrap their suitcases, the majority of their fellow citizens (55%) wants to stay, even if they appear to suffer from an acute crisis of pessimism. 70% of respondents explained that the French collectively experience depression and that 66% believe the country is in decline!”, says Denis Gancel. Suddenly, globalization is seen as an opportunity by only 38% of the French, 87% of which also see the national economy as less competitive.

To leave this pessimism behind, W & Cie advocates the development of the ‘brand France’, which could enhance the country’s assets abroad, as exemplified by South Korea. This could restore confidence in the French who sometimes have a hard time relating to their national identity.

This new label (different from the “Made in France”) seems, in fact, to be desired by 82% of the French. Detail: on the charts of national brands that are positively wearing the French colors, Renault, EADS and PSA occupy the top three spots. This is one of the teachings of the survey: the national industry remains a safe bet for the French.



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